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Introduction to the Ensemble CMS

Virginia Tech's Web Content Management System provides a centralized solution to maintain your unit’s Web presence. In this course, we will explore the Ensemble CMS, its features, and its potential benefits to your department. We will begin the course with a brief introduction of the CMS and then proceed to a variety of hands-on exercises involving the most commonly used content items. After completing this course, you will have the skills necessary to begin creating content in the Ensemble CMS.

Additional Content and Discussion of the CMS

In this course, we will explore many of the advanced content types and features within the Ensemble CMS. This course will begin with an overview of additional content types not covered in part 1 and then move to hands-on exercises involving these content types. The final part of the course will involve participant discussion and individual guided instruction. The goal of this course is to provide its participants with the skills needed to develop an exceptional web presence within the CMS.

Note: Previous experience is not required, however taking the Intro to Ensemble course is highly recommended.

Navigation within the Ensemble CMS

In this course, we will learn how to categorize content and build navigation within the CMS. Please note that this course is intended for designated web administrators or editors specifically tasked with developing the navigation plan for their unit's site.

Note: Completing the Intro to the CMS and Additional Content and Discussion course is highly recommended.

Local Assets within the Ensemble CMS

Your department has decided to make changes to the look and feel of your website, as well as create a unique design. This course will describe the process to do so. In this course we will discuss the methods to obtain, modify and promote local assets in the Ensemble CMS. A firm understanding and comprehension of the CMS is vital to the topics discussed. 
Please note: An expertise in CSS is needed to generate the code that will provide the unique design. This course will not be covering how to generate that code.  

Ensemble CMS: Web Development Discussion

In this round-table session, we will discuss how you are currently using the Ensemble CMS to manage your web presence. Many departments, centers and labs are current using the CMS. This session will give you the opportunity to engage in conversation with your friends and colleagues about the system, their migration plan and continual improvement strategies. Since this a discussion based workshop, the participants will direct the content and subject matter. The instructor will guide the discussion and provide input and information as needed.

CMS Sandbox Access Request

Please complete the form below for access to the CMS.  This is not required for hands-on sessions; however, if you would like to experiment before the session, you're welcome to do so.

CMS Website: