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Ensemble CMS Migration Guide

The Ensemble CMS implementation team, a partnership between University Relations and IT, guides and assists Virginia Tech’s academic and administrative units as they set up their websites on Ensemble CMS.  Support is provided on an ongoing, iterative basis.

General Procedure

  1. Attend the “Introduction to Ensemble CMS” course.
    The course, offered through the Faculty Development Institute, informs participants about Web content management systems, provides a demo of Ensemble CMS, and details the process for migrating their unit’s website to the CMS.
  2. Fill out the Ensemble CMS Site Request Form.
    Any college, department, or administrative unit may use Ensemble CMS.  To get started, fill out the site request form.
  3. Have a consultation meeting with the Ensemble CMS implementation team.
    We’ll discuss things such as project scope, CMS roles and responsibilities, and project tasks and timeline. We’ll also review the university’s Web identity standards, best practices for website development, and writing for the Web. Learn more about the consultation meeting.
  4. Complete the Ensemble CMS training course.
    All website contributors are required to complete the “Using Ensemble CMS” course before securing a CMS account.  The course is offered several times each semester through the Faculty Development Institute. University Relations also will teach ad hoc courses for departments and units as needed.
  5. Prepare your website for setup in Ensemble CMS.
    Whether you are migrating an existing site or creating one from scratch, there are many things to do before your site is established within Ensemble CMS.  The implementation team will partner with you on such matters as site inventory, content development, navigation, and any customization work required to meet your specific needs.
  6. Create your own Ensemble CMS community.
    Once you determine the roles and responsibilities of all your site contributors, you’ll work with a CMS administrator to set up your community and workflows.
  7. Migrate and/or create content for your site.
    This likely will be the most time-consuming step in the process, depending on how many pages are contained within your site.  But while your team will be primarily responsible for producing content and Web pages for your Ensemble CMS site, there are resources available to help lighten the load.  More on that during consultation.
  8. Launch your site.
    Once your site passes final review by the Ensemble CMS team, it will be pushed to production, and your old site will be archived at a location to be determined.

This procedure can take — depending on how much content there is and the extent of customization required — from a few weeks to a few months.