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Benefits of Ensemble CMS

  • Ensemble CMS provides a user-friendly way to enter and update content, eliminating the burdening technical skills previously required to edit websites.
  • Ensemble CMS is a staged solution, allowing you to create and edit content in a secure location before publishing changes for everyone to see. Built-in workflow features also provide an approval process for changes, if needed.
  • Ensemble CMS is pre-loaded with university design templates, ensuring your site is accessible and usable by computers and other devices. Additionally, all future updates to the templates will be automatically applied to your site.
  • The tool is web-based and not dependent on software like Dreamweaver or FrontPage, which allows easy out-of-office updating of content.
  • Ensemble CMS offers expanded features like scheduled publishing, expiration of Web pages, and content sharing among university units.
  • Training courses are offered through the Faculty Development Institute.

Who can use Ensemble CMS?

Any college, department, or administrative unit may use Ensemble CMS. To get started, fill out the Ensemble CMS Site Request Form.

The system is not available for use by student organizations, or for personal or course websites. Course web developers needing the functionality of Ensemble CMS are encouraged to use Scholar, the university's course management system.

How do I move my site to Ensemble CMS?

The best place to start is our Ensemble CMS Migration Guide, which outlines the general procedure for securing an Ensemble CMS site. Once you've decided you want Ensemble CMS, fill out the Ensemble CMS Site Request Form.